Barcelona > Valencia
26–29 Aug 2016
Accommodation: Uni Hostel — 20 Euros/night

Things to note
1. RENT A BIKE TO GET AROUND the place is really really bike-friendly
2. Any random restaurant can provide excellent food so don’t worry
3. This is definitely a more chilled place than the other big cities

Day 1

Woke up, had a scrumptious breakfast, said my goodbyes, made my way to the bus station, boarded the bus to Valencia, walked to the Uni accommodation, walked around and had KFC for dinner (meh compared to SG), went grocery shopping for my egg + cheese for breakfast the next 4 days, and slept. The end.

The only interesting thing I did was probably watch ‘Real Steel’ in Spanish. Not the best of ideas I had.

Day 2

Now things get interesting. Keep in mind my SIM card works as I’m still in Spain. So what did I do? Not Pokemon GO :) I made my way to the old city (in the center of Valencia). THEN I played Pokemon GO HAHAHAHAHAHA

The beautiful thing about Pokemon GO is that by following all the Pokestops I found ALL the major attractions the city had to offer- GONE ARE THE DAYS OF STOPPING PERIODICALLY TO CHECK ONE’S WHEREABOUTS! Now we stop periodically to catch Pokemon :)

So anyway, I found the Cathedral of Valencia and I HAD to go in just because one of the supposed Holy Grails was inside. Inside were other pieces of art and artifacts and history but I only took photos of 2 things.

Firstly- This gigantic book for priests in the past (they must not have had such good eyesight)

Put my hand there for comparison

And next the HOLY GRAIL according to Indiana Jones if I drink from it I can live forever- but I do not wish to get sent back to Singapore just yet so I did nothing.

Ta-da! Well protected behind many glass panels

(GOT reference ahead) I also chanced upon a Weirwood Tree and tried to get some visions by touching it but alas I am an ordinary human :(

So that was about it- just me looking around the city, not snapping photos of the many museums and all, and oh yes I had a really yummy Carbonara Burger IT WAS LEGIT — at some cafe called Bright Moon Cafeteria.

Day 3

Woke up late and had my egg and cheese to serve as brunch then went to the beach to read and babe watch. Then at 3ish went to explore the modern part of Valencia — where their Aquarium was. Check out some photos

Really does look quite modern here compared to the older buildings (i have no photo for comparison sadly)
Just to prove I paid 28.5 Euros (NOT WORTH IT)
Really looks nice in person

So I spent the rest of the day just exploring the malls and the interiors and exteriors of the buildings around Valencia’s “City of Arts and Sciences”. And it wasn’t long before I came across something majestic-


50 steps 6 Pokestops — heaven

My apologies for flooding this journey with Pokemon but this is really too good to not share. If you think Ion orchard was mad- this is INSANE like it was literally steps from each other, it’s not even as long as walking from Ion Orchard to Wisma there was little wonder that it was so crowded

So yeah after passing through I went to find dinner at a nearby ca- NOPE I DID NOT PASS THROUGH I SAT THERE LIKE THE GEEK I AM FOR 30 MINS it was a marvelous experience as I gazed into the eyes of my fellow trainers and saw the fire burning within each and every one of them — driven by the sheer will to catch them all.

Then I woke up

Well not literally but my goodness is the craze out of control. It’s starting to die down so all will be well. Until they introduce PVP and then I’m going to destroy you all my friends. Even though I don’t have a single Dragonite yet. HAHAHA alright that’s the end of my Poke-journey I swear!

On another note- feels weird being the only Asian around- haven’t even bumped into another one. Maybe it’s just my luck. Been on the hunt for another Singaporean but to no avail thus far.

Best story eva below

Day 4

What I regretted not doing for the past 2 days was to rent a bike in Valencia for just 24 euros — compared to the 10 euros I had to spend on it for a day. It is so friendly to get around here with the bike lanes and long parks, and so that is what I did — cycle around the darn park.

Just like any other day I went to sight see like the Bioparc (their zoo) and buildings, catch Pokemon, and of course, eat. The only interesting tale of the day being my accidental collision with-


Like I saw the darn thing moving in a straight line towards me when I was on my bike.

I was like thinking to myself “Oh for the sake of the people at the shop having to clean its remains off my bike and for the poor soul that is this insect I shall move to the right and avoid it”

BUT either the cockroach wanted to commit suicide then and there or it must have been an intellectual.

It was thinking something along the lines of “Oh look a big spinning wheel of black heading towards me, I think I shall move to the left to avoid it!”


ONE DEAD COCKROACH AND ONE DIRTY BICYCLE OH MY GOODNESS I WAS SCREAMING IN MY HEAD but of course casually riding on because there were people sitting outside shops here and there sipping on their lattes not realizing that a life had ended there and then.

Okay so anyway I don’t take many photos so here are just… 2.

I thought it was Jesus for a while but it’s actually Parque Gulliver
My only attempt at an artistic shot
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