My thoughts on consciousness

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I reckon there may be a gap between my understanding of consciousness and yours, so let us first get ourselves on the same page before I share my thoughts on consciousness. Let us first start with something that you’re familiar with: your senses.

When you rub upon your skin, you feel that sensation of touch. The sensation arises from a specific electrical impulse firing between your neurons. You can manually trigger that same pattern of electrical impulse and you would feel that sensation, without the external stimulus. Now, it is very strange how this electric impulse…

Ways to nudge the likelihood of conceiving a certain sex offspring.

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I can still vividly remember the day when I found out that our species- homo sapiens, of course- is more likely to conceive a male offspring than a female one- around 51.2% chance to father a male, which is a statistically significant difference. …

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I’ve been walking a while,
without a place
or destination in mind-
just walking to a higher
and a brighter place to be.
I’m not really sure why,
I just know that I should.
But sometimes while walking,
I find myself on downhill;
it’s effortless to let go
as I let gravity take control-
it’s just fun and natural to do.

Then I get reminded once more
that I must walk up higher,
a few things I know,
that a walk must take effort. …

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Just a dot I am
in the midst of infinite space.
Just a spark, my life,
that fades away
in eternal moments of time.
I am barely here,
in this place,
in this moment,
as if I’m not
in the midst of all.

I can only see so far
beyond horizon of all,
for I’ll be much soon gone
before the light reaches me here.
For all my time here,
for this fleeting moment called life,
I’ll be just here,
on a dot in midst of all
and not a place in particular.

Yet I wish nothing else more than…

Among many things, including humans.

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Isn’t it strange: you and I staring into the monitor in front of us, deciphering the light waves emitted by it, somehow effortlessly making sense of the infinitesimal alterations in the frequencies of the light waves and creating a visual representation of them. It is such a strange thing, colors: it isn’t anything but the differences in the wavelengths, yet we somehow perceive them as different colors. Just where did that extra information come from? Who decided that a certain wavelength denotes a certain color? Colors are surely a mystery.

You know what else amazes…

Hear me out and join the club.

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Reality is my favorite word because it makes me feel a certain way like no other words. No other words have this kind of impact- this sense of eeriness and enigma shrouded into a single word. I have a feeling that my definition of reality may detract quite a bit from our everyday usage of this word, so let me articulate this word and this peculiar sense thereof.

For that end, I want you to forget all that you know; erase all your memory. Now, can you imagine absolute nothingness, that there is…

Why high unemployment rate will be Trump’s downfall in 2020 Election.

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Our polling system downright failed us in our last election. This made me wonder: is there another way to predict presidential election outcomes? Upon some contemplation, after putting myself in the shoes of those dutifully waiting in line to cast a vote and wondering what may have guided them there- and being the selfish person that I am- I came to the conclusion that perhaps economic factors may have taken part.

To estimate the degree of the impact, I ran a panel regression to find a relationship between the…

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