Your Goal, May Just Be The Future

My success means nothing to you. And to be brutally honest, I hope you know that your success means nothing to me. Yet we still strive for it, for ourselves. You can graduate from Harvard on the top of your class, but that doesn’t affect me. But somehow, I’m obligated to judge you. I immediately try to figure out what you did to be so special, so successful, and how you got to where you are today. It is one thing that humans do naturally. But have you ever thought of the negative impact that can do to someone. How could we be graded in the future that would be better suited for education?

Growing up and going through the educational system I learned a lot about how people are classified and taught but one of them is their ability to take a tests well. The SAT, something that a lot of people struggle with but are forced to take to go farther in their studies. The Scholastic Assessment Test, one that sets the bar for college readiness of a student. A test that is always changing and adapting to the new curve of students. But what if we got rid of that test. How would we grade our students?

Standardized testing is not only affecting our children, but our future. Schools are teaching memorization rather than lessons. In highschool, I had vocab tests every week in English, 11 new words that could be used in the SAT, and at the end of the year. A 150 question test, testing me on how well I memorized all the words from earlier in the year. Ensconce, Reprieve, Credulous, all words I was supposed to know, but to this day. I probably remember 2 words from all the words I supposedly “memorized” and I use none in my actually vocabulary today.

That is the problem with today’s future. Students, adults, workers, are being taught to learn things an exact way when we essentially may never need it in the future. But we still have to “learn” it. That is why we need to rid schools of this, and instead, introduce a new way of learning and growing in the world today. The theory of self-evaluation.

Of course, you might want to know what this means for you, or what it even is. Well, to be frank with you. It is what you want education to be. The theory incompasses what every student or teenager wants. Freedom. The freedom to set your own goals and with that push yourself to do better. Instead of comparing yourself to millions of kids across the nation and having grades determine your future. You do what you want. It entitles that you set goals for yourself that are achievable but yet attainable. A value that needs to be taught very early in a child’s life so they know what they want to do in the future and can grow up. And with that their goals will grow as well.

Notice teacher isn’t talking at them but letting them teach themselves

Not only do the students grow but they mature and learn what the real world is like. The Atlantic wrote a news article in 2014 titled What Happens When Students Control Their Own Education? Where it quotes the teacher of the classroom saying “They are expected to develop the kind of critical thinking skills, required for real-world success.” Obviously, this can be proven to be wrong in some cases but in this one. The teacher talks more in the article about how the students are completely changing their aspect on learning because now they hold the responsibility of their own education. Her and I both have the same ideas when it comes to the classroom. She wishes that more classrooms would incorporate a system that gives the responsibility of learning to the student. That is how it is when you grow up and continue learning at college or a university. So why don’t we start the students out early with what they have to do to survive in today’s world?

The theory of Self-evaluation is in all a theory that rids the world of having an educational system that is massively flawed and this will give the power to the students. In today’s society students are being forced to learn things they do not need to and are taking tests that cause them stress which shouldn’t be forced. Along with that, you can see that give the students the power to create goals and evaluate themselves works in classrooms. But what about, outside of the classroom? With the improved confidence and goal setting who knows what he can accomplish. In the workplace, a boss can review the work that his employees are doing and see the progress they are making than when compared to a time sheet. The theory of Self-evaluation is the future, but only if you make it your goal.

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