Prince Mohammed Bin Salem

Prince Mohammed Bin Salem here’s a technique to see wealth. Haven’t posted PMBS Navamsha, which is also super powerful. Firstly PMBS was born on a Saturday (Vara lord) with Saturn in exaltation, ultimately making PMBS Hora (hour) lord well disposed from the offset. The hora lord shows where you’re spending your energy while the Vara lord shows how much energy one has to start off with. So, Prince Mohammed Bin Salem being born on a Saturday with Saturn in exaltation is quite something especially as Saturn is also known to rule over oil. So no guesses as for where he gets his wealth from. So PMBS Vara lord Saturn certainly has ample gas in the tank and with PMBS being born at 9:10 AM (hora/hour) makes the young Saudi Prince Hora lord the Sun.

Now there are two charts firstly the Rasi (D1) and secondly Kashinath Hora (D2). In the Kasinath Hora look at the wealth houses (2,5,9,11) to see if Saturn the Vara Lord associates (yoga) with any of these houses. Firstly Saturn lords the fourth and fifth from the Kashinath Lagna and, Saturn is placed in Taurus meaning Saturn’s seventh drsti falls on the second house (Scorpio) in the Kasinath Hora also, Saturns tenth drsti looks at the fifth house (Aquarius). Ultimately the young Sheik has the desire and energy to accumulate wealth as Saturn is the Vara lord glancing at these two wealth houses. Now, look at the Hora lord, which is the Sun in own sign (moola-trikona degrees) in the Rasi (D1), which shows how much wealth one can accumulate. In Prince Mohammed Bin Salem’s case, there’s a big royal pot and he’s in waiting for the thrown. In the Kashinath Hora (D2) the hora lord shows how much wealth one can keep and as the heir to the crown, it’s no surprise the Sun is in Leo and the keys to the castle are certainly in the waiting. Also, those more advanced the Sun is the Pitrakaraka (Father) and Vargottama forming a powerful dhana yoga between the second and eleventh lords one could say there’s plenty of wealth in the family. Also, Srimanta yoga is formed with Ketu in the Lagna.

Another tip would be to look at the second lord in Rasi (D1) and check the placement in the Kashinath Hora (D2). In Prince Mohammed Bin Salem case, there’s a royal pot filled with plenty as Mars the second lord in the D1 occupies Leo conjoined the Sun in the D2 Kashinath Hora. An obvious remark but the Sun is in Leo insinuating a kingdom plus Mercury also joins plenty of accountants and lots of money! A proper royal chart especially with the Atmakaraka in the Lagna and exalted in the Rasi (D1).