theDevMasters Training —Beginning of one of the Cores of Being a Data Scientist

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Here is the beginning of one of the cores of being a data scientist: statistics.

The Actual Role of Statistics

The purest meaning of a statistic is a presumption about the populace. A statistic, however, is never a presumption, since there is surely some confirmation behind the result; statistics are made after some analysis on the samples gathered in the intrigued populace.


1 “The normal temperature in Southern California is a degree short of 78 degrees in the spring time.”

2 “During peak hour on the 5 freeway, the predicted (hopeful) extra time in traffic is 30 to 45 minutes additionally.”

A comprehensive statistical sentence incorporates:

the populace, the statistic, and the particular sample to which the statistic is right.

Q : Identify the populace, the statistic, and the particular sample in the following instance, “While the state of California is truly fundamentally Democratic, the Southern California county of Orange County is quite Republican.”

A : According to an opinion of a statistician, the analysis of statistics itself is the analysis of not just obtaining (generally for research) however approving statistics themselves. This is the role similar in the practice with regards to data science, however, in particular, serves a guide for data scientist when venturing into data they have little competency in (which happens more often than not). If statistics responded only two questions for data science, they are: “What to do next?” & “Is this correct?”

Since statistics is a mathematical analysis, we utilize factors in statistics for our purpose.

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