What does it mean to be a self-starter?

The company I work for has themes for each month. This month’s theme is Be A Self-Starter. What does this really mean?


Being a self-starter means no one has to tell you to do something you know needs to be done.

Vigilant curiosity

Maybe vigilant is too strong. Maybe not. Being a self-starter means you’re looking around at things that could be done, should be done, and maybe haven’t yet been done.


Did I just make up a word? I’m sure there’s probably a better one, but, for now, let’s go with it. Maybe it’s my engineering training talking, but being a self-starter means looking for ways to improve and solve problems.

Creative Thinking

It also involves occasionally looking for answers in both traditional and non-traditional ways.

These are some of my current thoughts. I have more that apply to the specific industry in which I work. More to come on that.