My Success Story while Learning with Andela Learning Community.

First of all, I want to appreciate Andela Learning Community (ALC) for given me the opportunity to learn, I will never forget this, this is one of the best things that happen to me in resent years. Thanks a million Andela.

My name is Daniel Joseph Ila, I study Land Surveying, from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi. Am an indigene of Bauchi State from Bogoro precisely, am an orphan, I lost both of my parent some years back. My academic face many challenges because, sponsoring myself in the University was not that easy, because their is no singular sponsored to turn to, home lessons was one of the alternatives I resort to and it helps, by God’s grace am a graduate. I developed a desire for programming since when I was in my final year in the university and then I determined that, I want to learn programming, I want to know coding,but one of the difficulties I encountered is that their is no money, am financially handicap, I will see advertisements on programming but the money is another thing.,and another challenge is that, nobody around me that I know that knows programming. And low and behold Andela came, thanks Andela. When I saw the advert on the net, I was not sure what I was applying, because I don’t even know anything about programming, but I just apply by faith. I apply for web beginners and low and behold I got it.

Before, when I used to see codes I always thought, this must be a computer language generate by computer not human beings, not knowing that there are actually men , behind it. The first time I understand this is code, and it is the computer language am supposed to learn, I was scared, confused and discouraged, thinking that this is impossible. But something keep telling me that, it is possible. Before we start the meet up classes I began to consult some material in the net, the more I read ,the more am confused and discouraged, and the more am not understanding what they are doing, and the truth is that I don’t even know that their is something called text editor, where am supposed to write my code.

Thanks Andela for the meet up class, the first class I attend was an eye opener. I understand what is text editor and the rest was story,I began to fall in love with code.

I always want to study and understand my UDACITY course, I will read and watch the videos again and again but before another day I’ll forget it. I thought this is impossible, my facilitators help me, guiding me through it was awesome. I started with no coding skill, but am better now. What I thought it was impossible is gradually becoming possible. I can’t boast that I know web development off head, but I can boast that I know where to get whatsoever I want to make a website possible. Thanks Andela Learning Community.