Mental Health and Recreation

I am writing on personal experience and observations. The American way of life is a 40 hour work week that a lot of individuals usually put in close to 50–70. America is already averaging the longest work week compared to its counterparts in similar large economies. Cost of living has risen dramatically over the decades while salaries have hardly matched that increase. Stress from individuals with work, traffic, finances and family seem very abnormal to me. When was the last time you took a walk in a park, beach or just a walk down the street without thinking about life and enjoyed the moment?

I take about 4–5 walks a week sometimes with music, sometimes sports radio and sometimes with nothing but the sound of life around me. No matter how stressed I was at work, I make sure to set that all aside for at least 30 minutes. Just to look at the good around me. That is my 30 minutes to not look at flaws around me, but to look at the positive in things around me. I am surprised every time I do this of what I end up smiling about. From a lizard running along the wall, a squirrel hiding food, how nice the clouds look and even how nice it is to not think about the responsibilities of everyday life.

No matter what your job, family, financial status, race, gender, religion or any situation you are in, there is stress and responsibilities that we can never stop thinking about. When you feel like you have time to relax you feel like you have something to do and feel like there is no time and you end up doing some type of work or planning. STOP right there!!! Schedule 30 minutes of your day to get away and clear your mind. Think happy thoughts, get rid of negativity and enjoy those 30 minutes.