A brief history about MEANINGFULNESS!

Less science, more religion: the endless equation!

Daniel Junior
Jan 11 · 5 min read

How significant do you feel to hear that your cosmic address is planet earth, solar system, milky way galaxy, local group galaxies, virgin cluster galaxies and observable universe?

The universe is approximately 14 billion years old and if you divide this time into 12 months, correlating January 1st with the Big Bang (the beginning of the universe), the whole history of humanity begins on December 31 at 23 hours 59 minutes 46 seconds … in this conception you have only 14 seconds of existence!

The sun will be 100 times bigger in about 4 billion years. Most likely it will consume the earth. Before this, the current period of non-glaciation of the earth is expected to end in 50,000 years. Also, you are not immune to the impacts of asteroids as the history showed 65 million years ago and as “recently” was witnessed in 1908 in Siberia. Somehow it seems that the end has been announced by the universe! Keep calm!

Coming back to the initial question … How significant do you feel knowing that the position of earth is insignificant in the vastness of the universe; knowing that the period of human life on earth is nothing compared to the existence of the universe; and knowing that the place where you live will be destroyed someday and somehow by the nature of the universe? So … in the midst of this tragic scientific scenario I invite you to think about your meaningfulness.

In 4.5 billion years of existence of the earth 207 billion people have passed through this planet. How many of them cooperate with improvements to the earth? And how many of them just enjoyed it? Here you should make a little reflection: what should be the true purpose of the human being in the earth? To improvement the planet or enjoy it? Let me remember that you are 1 divided by 207 billions … you are 0,000000000004831 percent relevant of all human history. Twelve Zeros On Left! You are a TZOL! So how can a TZOL improvement the earth? It seems an invitation to enjoy the earth! But it depends on the level of maturity of the human being about what the immeasurable universe represents for the limited man.

Born into an illustrious Roman family in about 480 AD, the philosopher Anicius Boethius investigated human and spiritual matters and concluded: ‘only those who first obey cosmic laws are qualified to administer human laws’. For Boethius the perfect source of happiness is the possession of a true self. In this context stands out one of the Delphic Maxims: “know thyself”; by Thales of Miletus.

According to Protagoras, a Sophist of Ancient Greece, “the man is the measure of the universe”. This sentence also mentioned by Aristotle and Plato, both greek philosophers, corroborates to unify universe and human being! For Protagoras everything is relative to individual experience, judgment and interpretation. As a result of a Boethius-Protagoras binomial arises ‘all IN all OUT’ that is ‘bring the universe into you and then notice it’.

But where the religion is in all this? The beliefs regarding divine providence have varied since the first man in the earth. The lack of knowledge about the universe paved and still paves the way for religions. Here is the endless question: less science, more religion! However, all religions have aimed an inner peace to know a true self in a changeable world. Each one in its own way. The controversy arises when a religion seeks to impose itself on another one! As a result … war, sometimes! Even so all religions should be respect cause they have the potential to bring an inner peace. So, “know thyself” the way you think is the best for you!

Here is the moment to tell you the obvious … the world is what you think it is! But it starts inside you! Essentially you must seek your inner peace and then chase your outer self! It doesn’t matter how many motivating speeches you hear; it doesn’t matter how many inspiring words you read; it doesn’t matter how many bravery actions you see … you will continue failing if you don’t know yourself; you will continue failing if you don’t get your inner peace! Understand the universe by turning its idiosyncrasies into a feasible inner belief!

For Vernon Howard, an American philosopher, ‘the effort itself means nothing’. If you do the wrong thing and work hard, you simply make more mistakes. Even a little effort produces results if done in the right direction. Right and wrong work don’t go hand in hand: it is one or another. This is a cosmic law. Then don’t waste time looking for motivation, inspiration and bravery in a world outside of you! Don’t waste time fooling yourself! For a moment, put down your outer life and build up a bridge to your inner. Look to yourself!

Although you are a TZOL (twelve zeros on left, do you remember?) within the immensity of space and time in the universe, the search for an inner peace is the key to a great meaningfulness! The meaningful life is the first step to improvement the earth. And this improvement is the hope to deal with the announced end of the earth! Here it is worth mentioning Leo Tolstoy, a Russian writer, that say ‘everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself’. It is clear that a personal maturation is necessary to understand this issue! Start you! Get your meaningfulness by an inner peace!

The text above is another example of the Sine Qua Non Mind — SQNMind — as I wrote earlier in the MEDIUM. The SQNMind theory seeks to extract the best from each book you read. The theory consists in to extract the most interesting parts of the book; to gather them an “essential” [Sine Qua Non, in Latin] essay for your mind; and to read your built essay as often as you can! This will transform your brain an ocean of raw knowledge ready to be adapted to your reality under any circumstances.

So to better explain the theory I wrote above a little association about the meaningful life. As IMPETUS I used Anicius Boëthius, Thales of Miletus, Protagoras, Aristotle, Plato, Vernon Howard and Leo Tolstoy. You do not need to write about them as I did above, just separate parts of the books and read them as many times as you can. A person with SNQMind has a good chance of succeeding in different areas when compared to those who do not read or read and do not keep the lessons learned. If you wish to know more about SQNMind theory take a little look in MIND THE GAP .

Daniel Junior

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Free time writer searching theories of everything - DJerian theories / https://www.instagram.com/danieljuni0r/ https://twitter.com/maisumjuni0r

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