30 day challenge

Last month I went from being able to do 15 pushups to 45. I didn’t hit up the gym or drink a ton of protein shakes, I just followed a simple plan in which every day I did one more pushup than the day before. Every day I had a small goal to achieve and I set aside the time to do it. After 30 days my goal was achieved — and it was remarkably easy.

I took on this challenge after my housemate Tommie suggested we do it, and it quickly stuck. It seems an simple enough challenge — and it was — but so often people set abstract goals with abstract timelines and easy challenges turn into impossible ones. I learned that giving yourself very clear daily goals that move you towards a bigger, also clear, goal is an invaluable tactic for achieving success.

Being able to do more pushups is a good goal, but what I’m really interested in is accelerated learning: how to learn something in the most effective and efficient way. I am a complete beginner in this field, and I will be taking cues from people who already know a lot about it (Jonathan Levi, Tim Ferriss, Benny Lewis to name a few).

This blog is going to be about these two ideas. I am going to try to learn seemingly complex things within 30 days and share those experiences with whomever is reading.

First up for this month: Creating my first memory palace and reaching conversational levels of German.

Thanks for stopping by!