CopyTrack ICO

Wow, CopyTrack is one of the hottest new ICO’s on the market right now from the looks of things. This one is coming from a real world company already holding considerable market share!

Total Tokens: 100 Million with only 60 Million available in Token Sale

Current Phase: Presale with a bonus/discount depending on how you want to look at it!

Recently rated top 3 ICO’s on ICO Countdown!

What do they do?

Currently, COPYTRACK’s services are geared towards searching for their customers’ images across the web. If there is a successful match, they will then move forward with enforcement and licensing. However, they will also expand their services to include registering images via the blockchain, and provide a new marketplace for artists and buyers.

COPYTRACK claims they will set the precedent for a global, transparent, and decentralized register for copyrights of digital content. At the same time, COPYTRACK will implement the first use-case for the decentralized ledger: The Global Copyright Register for Images, followed by a transparent Image Marketplace.

How will they accomplish all of this?

Their new platform consists of 5 layers, and begins with creating an account, followed by the upload of images, proof of authorship, certification, and then ends with the artist exercising full copyright control.

Once the above is complete, they will then perform an audit on the authenticity of the authorship, and if successful, provide a blockchain- based certificate to prove ownership. From there on out, the artist maintains complete copyright control.

The following video will give you a better look into the industry and space that they are operating in.

Anyone wanting to check them out further can do so at the following:

They have sold just over 67% of the current pre-sale round at this point already, with only 8 days remaining in the pre-sale at the time this article was written.

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Please note, images and information used for this article were gathered from the CopyTrack website listed above.