Is sex sold?

We are rapidly entering the digital age. Ten years ago it was impossible to assume such a wide spread of crypto-currency. And just this week in Canada installed ATMs, allowing you to exchange cash for the crypto. Now you can buy equipment, real estate and cars for bitcoins. As for sexual services, are girls able to accept crypto currency? By the way, a number of interesting blockchain projects are developing solutions for this sphere. For example, a project called Lust has already reached the pre-ICO stage.

Bitcoins are completely unsexy. Explanation of basics of working this platform will take a long time. This requires an explanation after the explanation and even so not every philistine is able to understand the advantages of crypto currency. But not so long ago in social networks there were rumors that the hookers began to take bitcoins!

Prostitution is the oldest profession, but its status remains largely uncertain. In many European countries, prostitution is more or less legalized. However, in the US, China, Russia and some Asian countries, the provision of sexual services is equated with crime. In these cases, girls are most often hidden under the name “escort services”. Transition to the crypto currency would greatly help their legal status, because in fact transactions with crypto currency are not controlled by the state. The most important problem of prostitutes is advertising. A girl who stops selling sex on the streets sooner or later faces the problem of finding clients. Most often, hookers offer their services on the sites of ad placement. Recently, VISA and MasterCard pulled out from, the second largest online hub for classified ads behind Craigslist. Thus, you can pay for advertising only by crypto currency. Therefore, girls start taking Bitcoin and two other large crypto-currencies, Litecoin and Dogecoin.
 We talked to several girls and found out what they think about the crypto currency. All names have been changed for the security of the respondents.

Alice, Amsterdam, 29 years old: «I work in a brothel. We started taking the bitcoins some time ago, but we did not notice any special differences. They say it’s safer, but in our country prostitution is legalized, we do not have such problems as girls from other countries. I think if I lived in another country, the crypto currency would have made life easier for me»

Dakota, Philadelphia, 21 years old: “I pay for advertising with crypto currency.” Cash in our business is more reliable, but from reliable people, so I accept cash only from regular customers “

Amy, Los Angeles, 25 years old: “I would like to try to take bitcoins, but I’m far from all this computer stuff. Of course, if everything is as they say, I’m ready to use the crypto currency “

In fact, it is no longer a question of whether hookers accept crypto currency as payment for sexual services — there is the question of how soon the girls will completely switch to it. A good platform for girls in this business could be a single platform, connecting the client and the prostitute, and simplifying the reception of the crypto currency. Such a platform can now become Lust — an advanced resource that allows to exclude the possibility of deception and participation of third parties. Lust is easy and convenient, it is a good entry point to digital currencies. Simply put, using Lust, the girl does not need to worry about advertising and security of payment — all this is covered by the application. The official launch of Lust is scheduled for February 2018. Pre-ICO is still ongoing, and you have the opportunity to become the investor of the most ambitious project in the sex market. Digitalization of sex? That’s exactly what I’m saying. Such a platform will make our life easier.

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