Lust — decentralized sex services

The market of crypto currency is growing every day. Projects offer a variety of different services — from a decentralized sale of real estate to the creation of a supercomputer and even archaeological excavations. But what about the primary needs? Is it possible with the help of blockchain technology to make sex services safe and accessible? If I get a little ahead — yes, it’s possible. Moreover, a technological solution of this nature is being prepared for launch right now. Its name is Lust. It says a lot, does not it?

Sex services always had one rather significant problem — I mean security. And if a couple of hundred years ago everything boiled down only to the physical threat of the client, now his payment data could be at risk. In a way, this can be the most expensive sex in your life. Lust helps to avoid all these inconveniences. The developers argue that decentralization allows to ensure the security and anonymity of payments, as well as reduce cruelty towards sex workers. How feasible is this? Time will tell. But the developers are really very noble intentions. Facts indicate that such an application is necessary — half of US prostitutes talk about cruelty of clients and pimps. Lust simply removes the third parties from this relationship. The creators of Lust have positioned it as a “revolution in the sexual industry”, but I would not be so sure in this loud statement. At least with certainty you can say one thing — Lust is an extremely profitable investment. After all, sex is always sold.

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