Panel Report

This lecture, we had two guest speakers who spoke about a project they worked on in the past to help us understand how important critique is in creating a product.

Alan Borning talked about his experience with OBA, I learned that a very small team of designers worked on the project. The interface and functions were based off of whether or not the bus transit company approved of the design. It came to a surprise to me that the project itself was not a difficult process but the communication between the bus transit company was the most challenging aspect.

Laura Barboza spoke to us about her experience with designing the website for Nordstrom. One aspect in the process that stood out to me was the way they ran their usability test. When conducting a usability test, they would direct the user in a certain way. They gave the user a scenario and then told them to do the action required to finish a task. As the user would do the test, they are asked to talk aloud so that the tester could get insight in what could be improved to help the user navigate around the website.

Based on what I learned during the lecture. I would probably asked more leading questions and created better scenarios for our users. In m usability test, I simply asked the users to complete the tasks that I present them, but if I had asked them to do a task in the form of a scenario, then I think I would have gotten more insight on how the users would think.

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