Free yourself from someone else’s unhealthy beliefs

The whole day of filling yourself with someone else’s unhealthy beliefs. Being in work, in the bus, listening to radio, scrolling Facebook stream, watching news and TV. You do it each and every day. You’ve done it for years. Hear me now, and… stop. You’re hurting yourself.


Stop analysing what you’ve heard during the day. Stop reading social feeds. Other people’s thoughts still gonna live in your mind for a while, but now, you’re aware of them. The first step to get out of the box is to be aware of the box. And when you get out of it it’s great.

The freedom you’re about to experience.

Get better

It’s important to be able not to focus on all this stuff people tend to repeat without even thinking if it’s true. Whether it’s about their life (complaints, how could this happen, my life is…) or story from media.

As humans, we tend to imitate, to copy other people. When you’re feeding yourself content without care, without asking question:

What is the quality of this , I’m currently paying attention to?

Well, then, quality your of life is directly affected. You become what they want you to be. So, you might become helpless person, caught in fear. You might lose control of your life.

In practice, you hear people complaining, saying that they have big problems, that they can’t do various things. Remember what we do as humans? We copy. You might actually believe that life is totally out of your control and your dreams are not worth pursuing at all, because it’s too hard. It won’t happen in a day, or a week, but listening to negative words for 3 months each day will do the job. It often happens subconsciously.

How can you help yourself?

Switch attention to something else. Distance yourself from situations you don’t directly participate in or don’t directly affect you.

When you’re hearing some conversation of random people about their problems in life, don’t compassionate with them. These aren’t your problems. People have habit of talking to make them feel better. They might be too limited to see that they live brilliant life and their problem is only matter of their attitude. It lives only because of their mentality, of their unhealthy beliefs. Problem lives because they feed it by constantly thinking and worrying.

Switch attention to positive things. Life is full of surprises. It’s beautiful and full of beautiful things. Start thinking about your passion, your last vacations, your loved person. You’re here to live a brilliant life.

Resist what you hear in that physical situation and remember that what people say is often very far from reality. Be friend to yourself and don’t relive your past problems to keep them alive. Don’t relive other people’s problems.


Try to acknowledge these situations where you can help yourself by switching attention to positive things. What’s the true experience of life? Look at big picture. Look how far you’ve come already. :)

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