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What a load of propaganda!

The climate is always changing, and has done so for millennia!

The place where I am sitting right now was under 2 miles of ice, only about 4,000 years ago. Human activity did not cause the global warming that melted the great North American ice sheets!

2,000 years ago olive trees were grown on the Rhine river in Europe, and there are historical documents that attest to this! Then, around 635 AD the climate got colder, and the olives died, in one year! To this day the Rhine Olives have not come back!

This tells us that the climate today is still colder than it was 2,000 years ago!

Again, there are historical documents that attest to the “Little Ice Age” only in the last 300 years. The climate is still warming up from that period of global cooling!

Fossil fuels have contributed to higher living standards around the world, and millions fewer winter deaths, every year! Why do you want to go back to a time when many more people died from exposure in the winter? Do you hate humanity that much?

The truth is that the increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is causing a world-wide greening effect, and many more areas which were once desert are now blossoming! All you have to do to see this is to look at 30 year-old satellite photographs, and compare them to modern satellite photos!

Humanity has benefited immensely from the use of fossil fuels! Why do you want to take us back to the stone-age?

Are you aware that Africa is now in the construction, and planning stages, of 100 coal-fired power plants? Are you going to tell them that they can’t burn coal to benefit their people? India and Pakistan are also planning more coal-fired generating stations, and China is giving-up on Solar!

Why do you want North-America to lag behind the rest of the world? Are you aware that one coal worker produces as much energy as 79 Solar workers? Do you think our society can handle such inefficiency, and still be a world leader? I don’t!

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