Design Report — December 2018

This article is a collection of my work created in December 2018 combined with my favorite design inspirations.

I started these monthly design reports back in August 2017 to challenge my UI/UX design skills and grow as a designer. The main purpose of these side projects is to try out new techniques, plugins, prototyping tools and solve design challenges I’m interested in.

InVision Studio Jam — Photography Portfolio Concept

In December, I created my first ever InVision Studio Jam showcasing a behind the scenes time-lapse video about a photography portfolio concept I had in mind for a while.

You can check out the video here:

When creating this concept, I didn’t think that the feedback from the community will be this awesome. These feedbacks are probably one of the biggest motivations to continue working on these side projects and concepts.

Photography Portfolio Concept — Dark Mode

Continuing the Photography Portfolio Concept, this time I focused on switching between the light and dark modes when viewing the projects section.

Invision Studio — Portfolio Concept source file

I also uploaded the source file for free, so you can dive deeper into the details and take this concept to the next level.

Being featured on Abduzeedo 🎉

In December, my Apple-related product photos were featured on Abduzeedo, which is one of the biggest design blogs.

You can read the article here:

It’s so good to see my photos appear on a lot of different places now outside of Instagram as well.

Top 5 Design Inspirations in December 2018

1. InVision Studio — Music Player

2. Onboarding Swipe Animation

3. InVision Studio — Spaced App

4. Day6 — Music Application -animation

5. Improved airport experience through AR (part 1)

See you in a month 👋

I hope you learned something from this article and got pumped up with new design inspirations.

In case you have any questions or just want to talk about design, feel free to reach out on Twitter, Instagram or send me an email. Currently, I reply to all my emails within 1–2 working days.

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