Design Report — November 2018

Daniel Korpai
5 min readDec 12, 2018


I started these monthly design reports back in last year to challenge my UI/UX design skills and grow as a designer. The main purpose of these side projects is to try out new techniques, plugins, prototyping tools and solve design challenges I’m interested in.

This article is a collection of my work created in November 2018 combined with my favorite design inspirations.

November was an amazing month when one of my dreams — being on the first spot on the Dribbble homepage — come true! Continue reading to discover the details. ✌️

Breathe app for iOS Concept — InVision Studio

Digital wellbeing is becoming more popular as we started to realize that all those constant notifications, messages, likes, tweets and live stories destroy our ability to maintain focus for a longer period of time.

Since I love the Breathe app on watchOS, this month I wanted to experiment with different ways how it could look like on iOS.

I started the prototyping process focusing on the core animation. This is also the most popular animation from the Breathe app on watchOS.

This shot got to the 3rd place on the Dribbble homepage that day! 🎉

Select Breathe Exercise

After the first prototype, I focused on how a user can browse and select different breathing exercises and set the desired time limit.

Although I posted this concept on Monday, which is typically a highly competitive day on Dribbble, I was super surprised when I started to see my design trending on the homepage.

After a couple hours, my friends started to message me that my design is on the first spot on the Dribbble homepage! 😱🎉

Dribbble always meant a lot to me as a designer, so getting featured on the first spot has been on my bucket list for years now. This was a huge moment for me personally and I’m super grateful for all the support that helped me got here!

Daily Goal Completion

This video is slightly sped up to meet with the new 24sec dribbble video upload limit -

Lastly, I wanted to connect all these prototypes with the dashboard where the users can track their daily progress and achieve a 10-minute mindful breathing exercise goal.

InVision Studio — Source files collection

After working on these Breathe app for iOS concepts, I decided to share all my InVision Studio source files with you. 👊

You can download all the source files for free from here:

Breathe app for iOS Concept — UI/UX case study of bringing the Breathe app from watchOS to iOS

I also published a detailed case study about this concept, where you can read more about the behind the scenes and why I created this concept.

The article has been featured in the Muzli Design Inspirations publication as well.

Photography update on Unsplash and Instagram

In November, I was able to stick to my “one photo a day” rule, which led to amazing results! To be honest, I never really thought that consistently uploading every single day means this much.

On Unsplash, I almost reached the 10 million view mark, which is truly mind-blowing to think about.

On Instagram, just passed the 7,000 followers mark mainly thanks to the fact that I started to share a lot more colorful images and outdoor shots next to the minimalist white photos, so I’ll definitely continue exploring more around these new style images!

Top 5 Design Inspirations in November 2018

1. InVision Studio — Unsplash concept

2. Humaaans — Mix-&-match illustrations with Studio

3. InVision Studio — Quick Look / Mac OS concept

4. Music Playlist App Interaction

5. Google AR — Photo Gesture Exploration

See you in a month 👋

I hope you learned something from this article and got pumped up with new design inspirations.

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