Design Report — November 2018

Breathe app for iOS Concept — InVision Studio

Select Breathe Exercise

Daily Goal Completion

This video is slightly sped up to meet with the new 24sec dribbble video upload limit -

InVision Studio — Source files collection

Breathe app for iOS Concept — UI/UX case study of bringing the Breathe app from watchOS to iOS

Photography update on Unsplash and Instagram

Top 5 Design Inspirations in November 2018

1. InVision Studio — Unsplash concept

2. Humaaans — Mix-&-match illustrations with Studio

3. InVision Studio — Quick Look / Mac OS concept

4. Music Playlist App Interaction

5. Google AR — Photo Gesture Exploration

See you in a month 👋

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Daniel Korpai

Daniel Korpai

Product Designer —

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