First story: Ian

To kick off our blog we’re passing the voice to one of our remote developers — Ian Segers. Ian is part of our JavaScript dev team. He’s Belgian, lives in Barcelona and is planning a move to Norway, where he will be surrounded by all the amazing Scandinavian nature. He tells us his Kodify story and what makes him tick. Starting with his story, we want to give you an insight into what’s it like to work at Kodify. We will be asking a few simple questions to different Kodify team members and this way, visualize our story through the eyes of our people.

Ian Segers. From: Belgium. Lives in: Barcelona. Next: Moving to Norway.

Ian, a quote that represents you?

There is always room for improvement! (I really stand by this one!)

Nice. What’s most exciting about being a remote developer? Tell us about your experience!

The most exciting part about working remotely is the super international team we have from all sorts of backgrounds. Many of us do live or have lived abroad as expats which creates a diverse and rich culture. This results in a diversity of characters and keeps your mind open.

So I really love meeting all of these people while I am working from anywhere that I want. That freedom is just incredible. I never have to double check and carefully plan small trips anymore as I don’t have to negotiate “remote time”. For most of the traveling that I do, I only need free time after work hours. Now I am able to go visit many of my friends that I have abroad or family back in good old Antwerp.

What do you enjoy doing the most when you are not working?
I love working with music and video. Mostly I spend my time finding new music in new obscure genres or tracks from all over the world and then play them in DJ sets at home. If I’d have some more time, I’d be putting together video scenes on music that I love. Overall, I am a big music lover!

Ian if you could take action to change the world for the better, you would..?
… work for a green cause, like The Ocean Cleanup or teaching in less fortunate areas of our world!

FYI: Ian’s current music discovery and recommendation:

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