Business Training

This website is a great tool for newly created businesses, it provides a free monthly emailing service which includes tips and tricks and also tasksheets to keep you motivated and help you constantly improve your ways of getting clients and expanding your business as a whole.

They also have videos on the website informing and teaching you about:

  • Ideal Clients
  • Features vs Benefits
  • Sales
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Making your website work

This website helps you structure you’re business, providing thoughts that may not have crossed your mind about the direction you want to take, and how to specify your goals.

These are a few of the many points they have brought up in this link. They also help you to plan what to plan, giving you a list of ways to get you motivated and on the ball.

To start, open a Word document and start answering some of the questions listed, exanding when possible to full explain what you want out of you’re business. is a great website as it has many useful articles that relate to getting you’re business underway, planning for vacations, marketing,guaranteed referrals and many more. It is a must see for newly starting photographers who want a helping hand to get into the photography world.