a little about David West.

I was lucky enough to chat with David West and have him answer some questions about his business…

1.How many years have you been self employed and doing photography? — 6+ years

2.How did you start attracting customers? Eg. through social media, word of mouth, advertising. — All of those three

3.On different jobs, how much do you charge? Eg. Family shoots, weddings ect. — local weddings start at £1800

4.What do you factor into your costs for a shoot? Eg. Petrol, editing ect. — Time, Travel, Petrol, Editing & Accommodation when necessary

5.What insurance would you recommend getting for a freelance photographer? — Liability and legel indemnity

6.What do you think makes you unique compared to other photographers doing similar jobs? — Creative, Editing style and always try to innovate rather than duplicate

7.What awards have you acheived through your career? — I don’t enter many as lots in the industry are paid for money makers, I only enter what I consider true awards…. I’ve won Junebug, Fearless and WPS

8.What would you reccomend a starting freelance photographer should do to get started in their career? — Practice, Shoot for free to begin with and when you do start to charge for your work be confident in your price.

9.Any added advice on being a self employed photographer? — Go the extra mile for clients, be 100% committed and be prepared for it to take over your life

Hearing about these key points is a great way to understanding the freelance photography world and what you need to do to be a part of it. As you can see, his prices start at £1800 so he is a lot higher up in the industry than many but it is always good to be told this knowledge from someone with so many years experience.

David West is a huge leap from where I am now, but is always looking for assistant photographers which shows he is always wanting to help upcoming photographers with practice and experience.