Photography Workshops

Alan Law is based in Cornwall but travels nationwide and sometimes globally. His prices say his experience- £2000 upwards! He is individually creative and never wastes a shot. He also wants to help over photographers find their own talents through workshops he has cleverly named ‘Law School’.

He does many workshops every year and they sell out in a matter of days, he mostly manages them within London,Manchester, Leeds and Cornwall. The price is £350 and each date only allows 15 people.

What the workshops cover.

I have been trying to get into his workshops for a while, with them constantly being sold out, but hopefully soon I will learn what is needed to create the best wedding images I can.

This is another workshop which is over a few days, there is not much information on prices or where they are based but if you click on the page and watch the video you will see they are all about teaching the beauty of wedding photography, including visiting speakers, editing techniques and managing your business and getting clients. I have subscribed to their emailing list to get updates on workshops as it seems like a great laugh and great experience to get to know other learning photographers and your own career goals.