Blockchain now!

Most of you have heard about blockchain. Some say it’s the new bubble, some say it’s what makes sillicon valley executives go crazy.

So what do I have to say about blockchain?

So blockchain… I come from a tech and finance background. I studied econ and math in undergrad, business and finance in grad school. Nowadays I work as a software consultant. You must think reading these lines that I was into blockchain since the early beginning.

And you’re wrong. You see, I had friends talking about bitcoins back in 2014, my early NYC days, but I didn’t really understand what it was or neither was I interested. It was so new, out of my perception.

The truth is that I only became interested in it because my boyfriend — thank you sweetie — was constantly checking his portfolio and how his investments were going. Then I witnessed the price of Etherum rising. Doubling actually from December to March. Etherum was at around $15-$17 back in December/January and next thing I know it’s at around $30 in March. Recognizing a good opportunity of investment, I got intrigued but still not enough to actually invest.

It litterally took me until end of May to actually invest, the price already rose to $88 for 1 ETH. I’m not even talking about BitCoin or Litecoin or Golem in which I invested as well.

I still hadn’t understood what the blockchain buzz was about. I started doing some research and found plenty of videos, articles and so on explaining the concept of Blockchain, what is Etherum and Ether, Bitecoin or any of these currencies.

It’s not until I decided to go to the Ethereal conference back on May 19th, that I actually started to understand what it was and the impact that it could have on people and on the world.


Blockchain is really a digital ledger. This ledger is stored on a network of computer simultenaously and transparently. When a transaction is recorded, this transaction gets recorded as a block of information at once on the network of computer and is crypted. This makes it pretty much impossible to hack the network. It also guarantees transparency of transaction. You’ll pretty much have to hack all the computers on the network at the same time to be able to modify a transaction

Everything about blockchain and the technology behind it allows to get rid of the middle man in all sectors.

Blockchain allows transaparency, security but as well smart contracts and reliable uncorrupted transfer of information.

For example, Blockchain allows you to become your own bank — you must have heard of the ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) of all this new blockchain companies, you can create your own currency and gather the necessary capital to fund your project. Having no government regulations, an ICO is an easier way to fund your project, finance your dream.

For the food industry, blockchain allows transparency and guarantee of source through a uncorruptable set of blocks on the network. For example, FarmShare or SquareRoots will allow the farmers to sell their products directly to the consumer guaranteeing the origin from the seed to the actual grown item.

So why now?

We’re really at a turning point in history where technology aligns with the creation of a new paradigm, an evolution.

A lot of corporation are racing in this new market and trying to catch up with the many start ups that are launching their products. The only difference, those corporation have billions of dollars of back up. IBM is currently building blockchain for the European banks for example which legitimize the use of blockchain and reinforce its value. After all, if European banks are using it, it might be legit.

Wethere we want it or not, like internet in the llate 90’s-2000’s, Blockchain is the future. So what do we want as individuals? As a collective?

Today, we have a choice. Blockchain being a new technology and in such an early stage of development there is no government regulation and rules. We, as individuals, have the ability to choose who we support.

Do we support the start ups founded to improve our life and existence, empowering all of us collectively? Or do we stay passive and let the big giants control the whole market before it even exists?

It’s tie to open our eyes on the masquerade that had been directing our lives that put the love of money above the love of ourselves.

Money is mere creation and blockchain proves it. Money is in abundance and anyone can have enough of it.

It’s a time for artists, creators, thinkers, innovators, futurists. It’s time to create our own future and not follow the one we’re being led to.

Through the ICO, the coins or token are so cheap that at launch you can buy it for a few tens of cents — usually starting around $0.40, $0.50 for a coin or token. If you keep up to date with the market, you can support each other and actually make profit from your investment. As we saw from Etherum, an ROI of more than 2,000% in a few months.

Believe it or not, the more we are investing in blockchain the better it is for everyone. Kind of what real life should be, you know, everyone striving for the best of the collective by fulfilling their own calling.

It’s time for us to be active, support each other and emancipate from an obsolete model of corporations owning us.

Wake up and be creators of realities rather than actors in one reality.

Here are a few websites that will be interested for you to research: