Aluminum Apple Watch VS Stainless Steel

Daniella Perry Siegel
Feb 20 · 4 min read


Apple Watch comes in various models, sizes, colors, and finishes. And the All-new design of the Apple Watch series 4 has not only evolved but has totally transformed into a new wondrous little thing. Series 4 of the Apple Watch was re-engineered and redesigned for better connectivity with your active and healthy lifestyle. And the good news is that there is an Apple Watch for everyone. You can now choose what type of case material your Apple Watch can have, either aluminum or stainless steel material. In the previous models of the Apple Watch, it was either made of ceramic or glass.

Aluminum Apple Watch versus Stainless Steel Apple Watch

This article will be discussing 3 salient points of the Apple Watch and these are weight, resistance to scratch and damage and the price.

1. The weight of the Material

The weight of the Apple Watch Series 4 varies depending on the sizes which are the 4omm and the 44mm. If you prefer a lighter watch, you might want to consider the Aluminum Apple Watch. The 40 mm of this variant only weighs 30.1 grams while the 44mm is weighing 36.7 grams. However, if weight is not an issue to you, a 4o mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch is weighing 39.8 grams while the 44 mm weighs 47.9 grams.

2. Resistance to Scratch and Damage of the Material

It is to be expected that because the Aluminum Apple Watch is lightweight, it cannot hold up to destruction as well. It is widely known that Aluminum is a soft type of metal hence you cannot expect it to be hard and indestructible. Furthermore, it is not very resistant to chip and scratch either. If you have an active lifestyle, this model of Apple Watch Series 4 is not the one for you if you want to lengthen the life of your watch

On the other hand, the stainless steel Apple Watch is harder and is scratch-and-shatter resistance. The black model of the stainless steel Apple Watch has a DLC or the diamond-like carbon coating making it more resistant to scratch and damage.

If you are keen with the appearance of your Apple Watch, you have to get the one that is fitting to the kind of lifestyle that you have.

3. Price

Price is very important to just about anything and we all know that Apple Watch or any Apple product in that sense is a bit at the pricey end of the line.

The Aluminum Apple Watch Series 4 price starts at $399 and it can go higher depending on the variant and size. On the other hand, a Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 4 is priced at $699 and can still go up depending on your personal preference. Hence, it can be concluded that an Apple Watch is a very expensive investment and that you should take extra care to make it worthwhile.

Who should get what?

Now that the important points have been discussed, it is about time to know who should get what.

If you have an active lifestyle, as mentioned above, you should get the lightest Apple Watch in the market so that you do not have to worry about the weight when you are on the move. Another reason why you have to have an Aluminum Apple Watch when you are into physical fitness is that you do not want to weep over the loss of something expensive when the tough gets going. What you would want instead is to get something that is affordable to replace or repair. More so, if you are a new user of an Apple Watch, it is strongly suggested that you start with the least expensive. This way if Apple Watch does not fit into your lifestyle, the investment you made is not that humongous.

On the other hand, the stainless steel Apple Watch is for you if you love feeling the weight of your watch on your wrist. Some people could not go on with their daily activities without a watch on their wrist hence this one is a great option. Furthermore, the Stainless Steel Apple Watch is for you if you want a classic look with the modern twist. The design is sleek and classic but the inside of the Apple Watch is very modern. More so, the stainless steel Apple Watch is for you if you want your watch to be made of strong materials that can withstand minor scratches with its sapphire crystal.

Overall, an Apple Watch is a good choice especially for those who can afford the price. It may be expensive but an Apple Watch is more than just a watch. If you are still undecided which to choose, check their official page.