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Willingness to learn, motivation, honesty, and more

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When conducting interviews as a manager of a team it is your job to figure out if the candidate is a good fit for the position and the team.

As a manager for several years in a software development company I have led many interviews and seen many candidates, but the ones that were offered the position had something special, yet trivial. The ideal candidates did not have extensive knowledge of the required skills for the positions. They had 5 very important traits in common.

There are many aspects to each position and company, but the following 5 character traits…

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We all have had some chores as children and teenagers, whether it was doing the laundry, taking out the trash, cleaning, or washing dishes. But that is nothing compared to living alone for an extended period.

I have lived alone for only a year in my life, but it has been a crucial year for my development as an adult. It helped me realize what it is to actually be independent and have responsibilities.

You need to live alone for at least a year to …

Become independent

You will learn how to perform all actions that seemed so trivial when your…

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We have all seen a toxic employee. It is a person that is always negative, constantly trash-talks the company, the work, or the people that work there. That human just makes you want to scream and not get up in the morning if you have to go to work. An inexperienced manager will get emotional, want to fire that person right this second and will get obsessed with finding a solution to that problem. But a good manager will do things differently. A good manager will…

Not get affected by the behavior

A good manager will remove emotions from this situation, remain professional and not engage…

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We all know how it goes, the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months, stress and anxiety build up and we feel like we are losing it. You come home from work one evening and you are so wound up that literally, a pin dropping will set you off. I have felt that feeling so many times. I know how hard it is to make yourself depressurize all that stress. So, please, close your eyes and count to 10. …

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As a young software engineer, I did not pay much attention to the recruitment field, and I felt like I was blessed by God if any recruiter contacted me to talk about what positions they have at their company. In the past two years though I have slowly grown a deep hatred for this whole field. I have seen issues as a person who is looking for a job, who is not looking for a job, and who is looking for people for their team. …

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I come from a middle-class family, living in a small country. My parents grew flowers and sold them at a market. As soon as we were able, I and my brother started helping.

We were growing seasonal flowers only. That meant that we plant them in spring, they bloom in summer and begging of autumn, we cut and sell them at a wholesale market, and then when the temperature drops enough and the frost kills them, we take them out of the ground and store them inside during the winter.

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Pancakes and stuffed toys. That is the brightest memory I have from the first time I was away from home without my parents.

I was part of a dance group. We had our first participation in a contest outside of the country.

Previously we were attending only contests near our city, and we never stayed overnight.

So, this was going to be my first time being outside the country and the first time staying overnight without parents. During this trip that lasted a week, we stayed with families who had children around our ages in a neighboring country.

Now imagine…

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Uncertainty is a bitch! And especially uncertainty at work, which threatens your basic need of safety and security from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, can be crippling and a productivity destroyer. It feels awful, it brings on a lot of stress and anxiety and everyone reacts differently. Feelings like overwhelm, anxiety, sadness, panic and fear are not desired in any workplace! All these reactions are perfectly normal, although bad for everyone’s health.

But as a leader of a team, you must hold your reaction for yourself, be a good example of calmness and positivity and help your team through the uncertainty.

Process the situation and your emotions

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As a young woman, when I stepped into my first management position, I felt a bit confused as to how I should be the leader of someone older than me? Having in mind that throughout your student years you are used to seeing young students and older teachers, it is not surprising that age carries high authority in our minds. But in the workplace, it is getting more and more common that someone younger in age will step into a management position and have to lead a team of people of different ages.

So here are my tips on how…

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Start from the beginning — onboarding and training

This is the first impression your new employee has of how you share knowledge in this company. Do you want it to be a bad one? Of course not. So, you have to actually invest in creating understandable materials and serving the new hire with bite-sized pieces of information. On-boarding in most companies sucks. Everything is hard to understand, nobody talks to you, you don’t know what you have to do and there is a folder filled with millions of documents that mean nothing to you. …

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