The Interactive Society

Throughout history, societies have shaped, formed, and most importantly, changed throughout the years. Reading back on some of the past societal structures, I believe we live in the best and most technological/industrialized society. The industrial, agricultural and technological improvements have been substantial since ancient times.

The improvements and advancements that have been made since the Hunter and Gatherer society structure are immense. Though, it is also important that we recognize without these past societies, we wouldn’t have the structure we have today that has accelerated such success and efficiency in many aspects. Without the Agricultural society, for instance, we wouldn’t have been as advanced in the stationary aspect. Our communities developed throughout each society and continue to grow. To think of the future societies we as people and communities shape is perplexing. Who’s to say this societal structure won’t be the grounds for a whole new culture someday?

Personally, I can relate to Karl Marx’s theory of alienation from others. The academic competitiveness at my high school was extremely intense the last couple years of school. I felt extremely pressured, along with many other students, to maintain the best grades and keep the highest GPA in order to secure a “spot” in the top of the class. This was similar to Marx’s example of this type of alienation: “Even when a worker clocks out at night and goes home, the competition does not end” (Openstax 2016, pg. 82). Not only does this relate to high school in the academic aspect, but nursing school as well. Even with being in school for only a couple of weeks my freshman year, I can already observe the intensity of competition to make it into the nursing program here at UCCS. Sometimes it feels as if we are overloading ourselves in order to be better than one another.

Stauses are defined as: “the responsibilities and benefits that a person experiences accoring to their rank and role in society” (Openstax 2016, pg. 86). My ascribed statuses include being the only daughter in the family, female, and being of mixed ethnicity. These are statuses in which I did not choose, yet I believe shape me socially in a positive manner. Achieved statuses of mine include: a high school graduate, a Certified Nursing Assistant, a Midwife Assistant, and yoga/meditation instructor. These are things I have woked for and help me further my social and societal role.