New York City’s Top 2018 Election Jams

10 Years Gone Since We Bought These Scanners That Keep Jamming by Led Zeppelin

November Rain (Soaking Everyone’s Ballots And Making The Scanners Jam) by Guns N’ Roses

It Takes Two Hands To Feed Your Ballot To The Scanner, Why Would You Only Use One? You Broke It! by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston

Purple Rain (Is Also Bad For The Scanners… Any Type Of Moisture, Really) by Prince

Beat It (I’M KIDDING. But Really, Try Coming Back Later, Like In 2020) by Michael Jackson

Don’t Worry, Be Happy That We Have These Emergency Ballot Boxes by Bobby McFerrin

Since U Been Gone, The Machines Were Fixed But They Broke Again Just Now Lol by Kelly Clarkson

Cry Me A River… No Wait I’m Kidding DON’T DO THAT The Ballots Can’t Get Wet! by Justin Timberlake

Running On Empty, But Not The Emergency Ballot Boxes, Those Are All Super Full by Jackson Browne

Give It To Me Baby (Just Hand Me Your Ballot And I’ll Figure It Out Later) by Rick James

Into The Mystic… Is Where Your Ballot’s Headed, Nah Just Kidding I’ll Make Sure It Gets Tallied Or Whatever by Van Morrison

Sabotage Is Not What’s Happening Here by Beastie Boys

Jammin’ (Your Ballot Has NOT Been Counted) by Bob Marley