What is love

I am a 22 year old women who loves to write. I used to write a diary every day for years but I then I got a shitty boyfriend who decided he wanted to read it all the time so I stopped doing it. It was private, I wrote in there everything about my life, my thoughts and my dreams. I didn’t want ANYONE reading it. Especially not him! I used to write about how much he annoyed me and I ‘hated’ him some times. Anyway he was a flog so he’s gone but that does lead me to this blog and why I have created it.

My Blog is called ‘What is Love?’ and it started because my current boyfriend (who is amazing) does things every single day that make me think but what is love? He does things that make me want to pack my bags and move out. But instead I laugh it off and move on because those are the things that make our life exciting and annoying and different and special. I started writing my little spiels on Facebook as a status every day but he didn’t like it. He didn’t like his friends and family reading all the disgusting, annoying and shitty things he does in the safety of our own home which is totally understandable. So instead of me missing out on sharing these annoying traits I decided to start a blog. This is the first time I have ever done so btw.

So a background on me, if you care.. 22, work as a Financial Adviser’s Assistant. Well my title is Client Relationship Manager but that means nothing without context so we’ll go with Financial Advisers Assistant. Live with my Boyfriend, Stix who turns 31 in April. Yes, age gap, I know! Anyway we met in 2016 about this time of year (Late Jan) at my 21st party which he gatecrashed and it was the furthest things from smooth sailing from there. In April I tore my ACL which resulted in him moving in with me in my tini two bedroom flat because I needed looking after and he was staying every night anyway. Then on May 8th we crashed his car into a tree. We hit it about 90km p/h and were in hospital for a week. I fractured a vertebrae and he smashed his foot up. So then he was on crutches for 3 months. I then went to Bali in June for my brother’s wedding and came back and was so sick I was in hospital twice and he was still on crutches! Then things settled down until I had a knee reconstruction in October. Anyway busy year but it meant that in a short space of time we became extremely close. We have lived in each other pockets and relied on each other physically, emotionally and FINANCIALLY since the moment we met which is a big thing for new couples. Anyway that’s enough. What is love? See my next entry for day one. xx Dani

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