Why I Am A Hat Girl


Recently i went through a lot of emotional baggage. Almost like a mini identity crisis. While i was going through this crisis, i asked myself a simple question . Whilst walking through the isles at Plato's Closet,my local upper end consignment shop; I asked myself “WHO IS DANIELLE STORM”? “What items speak to me?” “What defines my fashion sense?” “What things define me?”

We let society define us so much every day. I just got tired of it. I got tired of people telling me what i should wear, how i should dress. I started thinking about how i want to dress. What I want to wear. What rule told me that i had to wear the Ralph Lauren dress? What rule was telling me that i had to wear the latest Converse Sneakers? A stupid rule. Stupid known rules set by stupid people in society. I decided that day to start thinking for myself, that i would wear whatever the hell i felt like. I will NOT wear what is “In” I will wear what I THINK IS IN! Yes!

I grazed my hand over a hat. It was a Fedora. The fedora was tan and it had a black bow around the rim of it. I knew it was meant to be mine. I snatched it, ran to the nearest mirror, and i put it on.

That day i bought two hats the Fedora and a black church hat with beads around the rim. I came out 20$ poorer, and a very happy woman.

I realized i was wearing my favorite dress. I wear a lot of dresses.

I realized dresses and hats were going to be my new thing.

Hats are now my artist “thing” i mean every artist has a “thing” like “Lady Gaga” and her controversial fashion choices of the past. Like “Sias” wig. “Danielle” will have her hats, and cute dresses.

I am an artist, my body is my temple, i like hats, i am hat girl, and that is why i like my hats!