“Zero” by Zealous Creative an old video shared, and why i love to watch it.

The following video is for mature audiences only, please be advised. This contains graphic content. I do advise you to watch it with an open mind, and I do wish to inform you it gave tears to a whole class of engineering students. I highly advise you to watch it until the end.

“The most wonderful sensation was the feeling of belonging”

How powerful are those words when spoken out loud?

This video is a lot about white privilege, and racism. But, it is also about other things. Its about how in society we assign ourselves these numbers based on things like our wealth, or status, who we are. We give important people names like “Celebrities”. We just are a very clique society. Its really a crying shame.

The question i want to know is why we do this. Why do we let others tell us who we are, or how special we are? Im not talking about “Racism” or white privilege (which i did mention was apart of this video) im just talking like in for example the normal hierarchy of a high school.

In a high school for example, usually the prom queen is the captain of the cheer squad ,and the prom king is usually class president…or the football captain, or something really stupid. Just allowing that competition to happen (to crown who’s the best) Is a joke.

Why do we allow people to give us numbers in the first place? Is it because we are feared into it because of the government or the society we live in? Is it because we have been taught this for centuries by our parents, and their parents, and the parents parents before them?

Why do so many people just want to be popular? Why do so many people want to be famous? Why do you care so much? Do you need that much attention because you are not able to give yourselves that kind of attention, or find someone else who can give you that kind of attention you are so seeking?

There is apart of my brain going “Is any of this right?” and another part of my brain going “Yes, society deems it so.” and then the rational part of my brain kicks in, and says “Yeah piss off society. You cannot tell me who i can, cannot hang out with , and where i damn fit. I fit where i damn well please. I am a special, social butterfly. Heres two middle fingers. Fuck you! You are all unintelligent human beings, and you can go suck it.”

So really. I am glad with the outcome of this video. I am glad that 0 and 0s girl make infinity. Because they can find happiness in each other, they don’t need other people to tell them who they can and cannot be. They do not need other people to tell them what to do, they can do their own thing! They can be …

Image Credit: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/54cc191ce4b0f886f4762582/54cfac9ae4b06d2d0d7b4833/56b37c732fe1319a9454acf0/1464727696942/?format=1000w

FUCKING FREE WILLY. For all i care because that video is just always so bloody wonderful.

So i hope my readers have learned that they do not have to do every little damn little thing society tells them to do. Just be yourself. Who cares what other people think? Just do you.

My challenge to you is to find something that defines “You” weather it be changing purses, wearing hair clips. Something little! See what works FOR YOU.

Suck on that one, society.

Until then my readers i love you all, it is almost 2 am. Goodnight.