I can’t really say that THEFATJEWISH “Influences” me but he certainly makes me laugh. I am not even really sure why I love him so much. Aside from that fact that we are both fat and Jewish, we really don’t have all that much in common. Yet his Instagram resonates with me as if we were kindred spirits. Judging by his 9.16M followers I am not alone in my adoration of THEFATJEWISH.

Why then, does someone who is not very pleasing to the eye, or at all inspirational have so many followers? Why are millions of people following a scantily clad, overweight, opinionated Jew? I guess it’s the same reason that we all fell in love with people like Chris Farley and Jack Black. They are truly funny guys and people love to laugh.

In a world with so much sadness and despair, humor is all you have to make it through the day (Humor and Xanax). THEFATJEWISH has learned how to take the day-to-day bullshit and find humor in it. What he says is funny, because most of the time, it’s true to some extent.

This blog was one of the hardest for me to finish because every time I would visit THEFATJEWISH Instagram account for “research” I would get sucked in and an hour later find myself with tears rolling down my face and my boyfriend asking, “Aren’t you supposed to be doing your homework?”

Maybe for many a detour is what these accounts are about. An escape from work, homework, or just the monotony of everyday life is what people are looking for. THEFATJEWISH knows how to distract and entertain. For good or bad we all welcome the break from reality.

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