So I recently had coffee with a friend, we connected through Instagram and then she happened to be in Cambodia so we met up. We realized while we were talking that we had many common friends from different chapters of our lives and we had many similarities. She had been to many mission schools and on many mission trips, just like I have!

The thing that stood out to me was that we both stood on very solid ground. The ground called “dreaming”. Not dreaming as the world sees or how the world pursues but a holy dreaming. A dreaming that only the Holy Spirit can guide and place in one’s heart. We talked about hopes and futures but also how many crazy ideas we had. Afterwards I felt very encouraged to keep going and to keep believing for these holy dreams. We stirred each other on through our dreams and hopes in the Holy Spirit.

You see, the world tells us what to pursue fame, fortune, sex, etc. but in Jesus it’s simple. Love God, love man. In those two simple commands you can find every answer in life. For example, if a new job comes up into the radar, ask yourself “will it help me fulfill those two commands or will it be a distraction?” “Will I get lost in the world of ‘this or that’ and get distracted from the will of God?” Holy dreams are dreams that you know you could not have dreamt and sound they often sound crazy to man. They are the dreams that everyone tries to talk you out of but you know deep down that it’s from the LORD.

I have many of them and I want to see them all come true! And some of them have come true already! But a huge part of it is having faith that sometimes I am guilty of not having. My faith can be weak. I want to say yes and I want to run straight ahead but I sometimes lack faith to believe that these holy dreams will come to pass. Years ago I dreamt I was in Australia, and my heart craves to go again one day, however, it still hasn’t come to pass. So my heart and mind begin to get jealous of those that have gone. I lose faith that I will ever get to go. This isn’t the way I should pursue a holy dream. I should come in line with Jesus’s plans and let it happen, have faith to believe and call it forth. Easier said than walked out right?

What dreams do you have in your heart? Are they holy dreams? Do they go against what the world says is worth pursuing? I desire a generation and a community to rise up and start pursuing those dreams. Though it may seem small or even absurd, I believe that great things can happen with faith in our holy dreams. Like Donald Miller says “Your mission should be to save lives.” Holy dreams do that. Holy dreams set the captives free, open up doors of salvation, and break chains. I want to seek that. I want to pursue that.

I want to see my holy dreams fulfilled as I seek the face of Jesus in all things.

“Lord come and shape us, use us, and change us. Give us the faith to believe in the holy dreams that you’ve placed inside of us, that we would have the courage to pursue them and the strength to walk them out.”

If you agree with this, than pray with me and for me! Let us seek a lifestyle of pursing our holy dreams in Christ Jesus!



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