An open letter to my husband.

When I met you, i thought you perfect.

Truly, took my breath away.

It sounds cheesy. But, I loved you unconditionally when you turned a corner in a white, graphic tee. You were almost too strong, yet still bashful. Witty and always exceptionally kind.

You were and always will be out of my league.

Years have gone by. And without even knowing how, I became your girl. Then your wife. Then the mother of your pudgy, baby boy.

But then, you were hurting. You were diagnosed with a tumor. You were diagnosed with cancer.

Today, I have the world’s most perfect husband. He fights his disease. He gives everything he has to play with his baby. He gives everything he has to admire, compliment and appreciate me. In lieu of his cancer, he give his everything to be our everything.

Justin Madison Smith. While it isn’t always be easy to tell (and I often have my moments in this shitstorm that give you doubt), you are our strength. You truly motivate us to live every day to fight, fight, and fight some more.

And on this day (a little older and worse for the wear), I can say you are nothing short of perfect.

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