You get the animals. I’ll build the ark.

Hello friends.

We will keep this update short and sweet. The longer this goes on and the worse the pain for J-Man, the less witty I become (hard to imagine, I know. I am a real gem).

Houston is a wash.


Who would have thought that a hurricane would come in the way between us and treatment. As we were fighting to get down there, we are facing a conflict in diagnosis for Justin that would ultimately change our path for treatment.

To recap:

  • University of Michigan originally diagnosed the cancer.
  • Sloan Kettering provided second opinion and referred us to Mass General for proton radiation.
  • Insurance denied Mass General.
  • We have been pushing for expedited appeals and running into road blocks left and right.
  • We contacted MD Anderson who was willing to give us the out-of-pocket cost of $94k (excluding doctors feeds).
  • We agreed to pay out-of-pocket while we fight for insurance.
  • God or mother nature or global warming had other plans (I prefer to blame the latter).
  • MD Anderson gave us an updated interpretation of the diagnosis. Not the good kind. They denied our out-of-pocket radiation.
  • We (I) panicked.
  • We contacted Mayo Clinic. Having already reviewed our files, they are looking to expedite our initial consultation and get him into treatment. In my mind, that should only take days. Having lived through this long enough, I am sure this will take weeks.

So, that the scoop. The happening. This is the story when life rains down on you and you are running out of options. At some point, you have to release the dam.

Stay tuned.