Remix Week : Chris Rabideau

Screenshot from Twitter. Framed using BeFunky.

As I looked through Chris Rabideau’s work one thing stands out: she is very comfortable using different kinds of media! As a photographer and ILT eLearning Master’s Degree student, Chris is a self-proclaimed computer geek with a passion for technology. She has created a variety of projects as a part of INTE 5340 that stand out as her “best of.”

Her website is the first place that reveals her agility when using technology. It is beautifully laid out with crisp fonts, engaging images, and various tabs to click through to learn more about Chris. One of such tabs is her blog which she uses as the platform to post her INTE 5340 reflections and critiques. Chris uses hyperlinks and embedded media in each blog post, as well as images that scattered amongst the text to create a handsome and engaging read. She creates pretty photo collages with nice borders and colors for each of her Twitter and postings. Each entry is tagged with various theme and topic names for easy access as a reader. By reading over Chris’s reflections and critiques, one gets a nice glimpse into Chris’s abilities as a digital storyteller.

Next, through her artful photography skills, Chris has created very interesting photo collages, panos, and other captioned images as a part of the Daily Creates.

One of my favorites is the stitched creation of a young girl (possibly her daughter) standing in front of a fence in the grass. It has so much personality as an image! I love lines in the photograph and how she composed the image. How is the little girl seemingly standing in front of herself? This piece demonstrates Chris’s ability to tell a story using digital media.

I also really enjoyed her #mapstack. By using the watercolor feature with no words or defining characteristics to determine where it is, the piece is very artistic and interesting.

For one of Chris’s assignments, she hacked the news using a program called X-Ray Goggles. Though she struggled with the program timing out and deleting her work, she finally was able to save something that represents who she is and tells a story.

Here is her explanation of the “fake news” she invented: “Well, we all know Elvis can be found alive in Vegas, right? And for those of you who do not know this, I am a professional wedding photographer. What else would a professional wedding photographer want to talk about, but their Canon camera. The future holds a vintage look and feel. Also, I reside in Michigan. Therefore, in case you didn’t know… The Mackinaw bridge is closed. Plan accordingly. We have two kinds of seasons in Michigan. Winter and construction. Also, when people think of Michigan now they also associate it with the Flint water crisis. I thought I would give this exercise a twist and have fun with it too.”

Below is my REMIX of Chris’s Hack the News project. I created an audio recording modeled after NPR’s newscast using the Anchor App. (I conquered my fears of listening to my own voice!) *highfive*

I appreciated the opportunity to create something inspired by and remixed from Chris’s work. Fun fun!

Overall, Chris stands out as a tech wizard in INTE5340! Nice work, Chris!

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