Week 4 Reflection Remixed

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I challenged myself in a variety of ways this week. Here are the results:

Week 4 Assignment

Daily Create

Caption This #remix

Cartoon Yerrrrself

Chance the Rapper remixing/alluding to Peter Pan

Can you hear the references?

Notes from Everything is a Remix

My Remix of Panda by Desiigner


Remix a Classmate

Screen Shot from @CreativeGuRu99. Framed using BeFunky Photo Editor.

Here is my full “best of” analysis of Chris’s INTE 5340 work.

Chris’s Hack the News

Chris’s Hack the News Remixed By Yours Truly

Conquered my fear of listening to my own voice. *highfive*

Things Learned:

  1. Copyright Laws of 1790, as written by the Founding Fathers, were meant to give inventors, scientists, and the like a chance to think without fear of someone stealing their half-baked ideas before they were finished. Once the creation or idea was complete, the individual would release it into the public domain so that others could build on, revise, tweak, and improve their work for the common good. The laws were meant to encourage collective learning and promote creativity and collaboration. Isn’t that so much better than the way it’s become: territorial trolls who are happy to steal but refuse to share?
  2. LUCA is everyone’s grandpa!
  3. Remixing is a folk art.
  4. Newton’s “stand on the shoulders of giants” quote was itself a remix of something someone else said. Perfect.
  5. Nothing is truly original. Postmodernism at its finest.

Favorite Peer Creations:

I love the Oy/Yo Brooklyn Bridge Sculpture, so I thought it was really neat how Benjamin remixed it in his daily create.

I leave you with this little nugget of goodness:

…………………………..…….Dancing Time!…………………………………..

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