Battle of the Super Bowl Ads

Coca-Cola Going All The Way ’-
Doritos Cowboy Kid

Coca-Cola “Going All The Way” commercial featured a young boy sitting on the bench watching his team play football. The boy gets called to play, his team needs him and his coach calls him out on the field. The teammate passes the ball to the boy, and the boy ran down the field and scored a touchdown. He kept running through the town until he made it to college stadium. He scored a touchdown, and a field attendee handed the boy a coke. The ad’s targeted audiences are families. Moms, dads, and young kids can relate to this ad. Parents can reflect on their childhood memories as well as think of their children while young kids can relate to the main character. The ad has a humorous yet sentimental tone. Coca-Cola shows their product in a discreet way in the beginning of the ad. The boy’s mom has a coke cup in her hand and the scoreboard has the Coca-Cola logo on it. If you’re not analyzing the commercial you won’t notice the commercial is by Coca-Cola until the very end, when the field attendee hands the boy a coke. The ad tells a story with a beginning middle and end. The exposition is the football field, they showed the boy and gave us a quick glimpse of his characteristic of being small and not having a lot of playing time. The rising action consisted of when the boy catches the ball and scores a touchdown, but it doesn’t end there. The boy continues to run until he scores a touchdown at the collegiate football stadium where he reaches the climax of the story. The falling action occurs when the field attendee hands the boy a traditional Coke bottle.

The second ad is Doritos “Cowboy Kid” the ad is about two brothers who battle it out for Doritos. The older brother taunts the younger brother as he runs to get the Doritos out of the car. The younger brother rides his dog like a horse and uses his rope to grab the chips like a cowboy. The ad’s targeted audience is young children seven to thirteen years old but it also grabs the parents’ attention. The story is told in a humorous way that shows “how good” Doritos really are. Doritos are identified in the ad in beginning of the story when the mom mentions that Doritos are in her car. The story starts off with the exposition that takes place in the front yard of the family’s house, two brothers are hanging out. The older brother is playing video games, while the younger brother is pretending to be a cowboy. The rising action happens when the mom mentions the Doritos are in her car. The brothers race to the car, the older brother has a head start; but the younger brother jumps on his dog and rides to get the chips. The climax is when the younger brother snatches the Doritos with his rope. And the falling action occurs when the younger brother ties his brother with his rope as he snacks on the Doritos.

Comparing The Ads:

Dorito’s “Cowboy Kid” has a stronger narrative, we know what’s going on and what to expect. The commercial does a great job defining the characters in a matter of seconds. But Coca-Cola’s “Going All The Way” is more effective at catching and keeping the viewers attention. Once the boy scores the touchdown you would think it’s the end of the ad, but the story has a bit of a twist at the end. This twist keeps the viewers interested. Coca-Cola’s ad has a humorous and sentimental tone to the ad, people are more likely to share the commercial online.

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