Sun = Life

Being born and raised in a caribbean island does make a difference in your lifestyle and way of thinking. I came to the U.K. a year ago and cannot complain about life here. I’ve always been a positive person, but I can’t lie when I tell you I was a bit sad today when I went out and realized it’s getting colder and colder with each passing day.

That’s when it got me…the winter blues — -> IN SEPTEMBER!

I think I’m not mentally prepared to cope with winter, I’ve just googled some “lamps that mimic natural light” and actually learned something new. I never thought I would actually need this kind of stuff, but the truth is:

I’m not prepared.

I’ve enjoyed this last week (hottest and sunniest week in the year I think) as if it was my last day. I can’t believe I’ve come into this state of mind where I just worry about buying stuff now before the “hibernation”.

I want to be strong and just not think about it, but I can’t help remembering the cracked skin, lips and my red leaking nose. I can’t help feeling cold when I take off my clothes to take a shower, or not wanting to get out of the shower just to feel the hot water on my back. I can’t help thinking about locking my feet in my old boots for more than 7 months in a row, then covering them when I get home in thick winter socks.

I can’t help walking on the streets and just wondering how long will it take to get home or wherever I was going to go. And finally, I can’t help feeling as if life stopped, that’s when I realized that I desperately need the sun, that the sun is now a part of me after all these years of relationship.

And it’s something I realized that I desperately love and miss, because I don’t have it like I used to. The sun lifts us up, it energizes people, make us happier just by casting a beautiful day upon us with nice blue sky, it affects people in a very subtle yet positive way. The plants know this very well ;)

I can’t help being a caribbean girl.