I consider myself an artist.This is actually the first time I have ever made this statement. It’s taken me until the Golden Globes 2018 to make this statement out loud.

I consider myself an Artist.

I’ve spent the first half of my life afraid. Afraid of what others think. Afraid of others hurting my feelings…

I got a tattoo this month. An entrepreneur tattoo. On purpose. And with meaning.

I’d been thinking about what I wanted for my tattoo for years. I have one, from college — my zodiac sign, but it’s on sideways. (Not on purpose.) I’d been planning out a lotus flower tattoo…

by Danielle Dorrie, contributor • May 8, 2017 — ORIGINALLY POSTED ON BANGORMETRO.COM

I moved from Florida to Maine about six years ago for a short trip, in search of adventure and a break. But I fell in love with the area and I found my true passion in life…


Hi! I know this post is a little late — (shocking, right?) I initially started it around Mother’s Day… but these thoughts have been running around in my brain for weeks (months…) m and I had to let them free…..

So the reason why we celebrate…

Danielle Dorrie

DD | Funk | Heart | Spark| lovemaineadventures.com + thewanderinglights.com.

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