How Bad Design & Poor Leadership Sunk The Oscar’s
Jason Ogle

Hello Jason!

This article beautifully portrays and reminds us how design affects our every day lives. No matter who we are or where we come from. For me, it was the most entertaining part of the Oscars this year, but it’s truly remarkable how such a grandeur event with the most important award of the night can be wronged by a poorly designed envelope. Who designs them anyway? Thank you for this.

I also want to express how much I love User Defenders. Out of all of the UX Design podcasts I listen to (circa 10), User Defenders inspires me to be a better designer. Your podcast encouraged me throughout the beginning of my UX Design career. I would go to class the entire day and when I got home, I would recharge not by laying in bed watching Black Mirror, but by taking a long walk with my dog, headphones in my ears, listening to your podcast. From the opening chime to the superhero metaphors, your soothing and curious tone dives into some of the most interesting and respected UX designers out there- each with their own unique background and story to bring to the table. Each person has such an incredible lesson to share and you pull gem after gem out of each one. Thank you so much for giving this gift to listeners!

All the best,

Danielle B.

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