Round World vs. Flat World

On February 4, 2015 we watched a video in class based off Thomas Friedman’s books, “Green is the New Red, White and Blue,” as well as, “The World is Flat.” What caught my attention was when he quoted, “the global economic playing level is being leveled, and you are not ready.” But after saying that, he was then told that, “the world is flat.” We then learned that there is a globalization 1.0, 2.0 and a 3.0 and we are at the globalization where individuals are building it up.

Globalization 1.0- Individuals had a personal computer to author their own content in digital form.

Globalization 2.0- 8/9/1995, this date would change everything. Netscape went public and gave us a browser which brought the internet to life. This is when “.com” appeared.

Globalization 3.0- Happened across the 1990's. Everyones computer and software became inter opted with, “work flow revolution.” As known as, collaboration.

Round world= download vs. Flat world=upload

The flat world is giving individuals the ability to form a new creativity. Also, the platform is allowing individuals to equally collaborate.

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