(Jewish mother lyrics to I Am A Walrus)

I am she, as she was he, as we are we, 
And you are all we live for,
See how we run, from kids with loud drums,
See all the crumbs,
I’m hiding.
Sitting on our sofas,
Waiting for the blues to come,
Bulging out of t-shirts, in the gym you get hurt,
Oy, I’ve been asleep so long,
The cable guy is gone.
I am the mother (woo),
You are the children (woo),
I am the wallet…
Goo goo g’ joob.
Mister Misses, parents splitting,
Petty pricey lawyers like a rash,
See how they lie, like a fisheye,
I have no cash,
I’m sighing,
I’m buying, I’m buying, I’m buying,

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