Warnings & Disclaimers

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Addendum to Word Smash: Malapropriapism

Warnings and Disclaimers
Do not administer opiate drugs during a malapropriasm occurance. This only prolongs the condition and could result in a hysterical blindness or a one-person show.

After an attack of malapropriapism, the suffer’s chi has been essentially short circuited, so investigative maintenance and repair is necessary.

Chakras will need to be rotated and aligned, suspensions should be assessed for wear and fluids will need to be throughly checked, particularly in the sacral region. The sacral chakra is not a fan of lingual mishaps and has been known to put up resistance by storing energy blockades. This cuts into flow of Chi and can cause peril. A rare but serious condition associated with this is known as ganstahganggreentomesoulono, a sanskrit word roughly translating to gangrene of the libido.

Often after an attack, the sufferer is remorseful and repentant. The sufferer’s self-expression has been compromised and some regression is to be expected. Lapses of toilet training, thumb sucking and chewing on furniture is not uncommon. Beware of references to joining the circus or selling Amway. These are suicide threats.

Not much is understood as to why some people have a propensity to develop malapropriasm while others get hiccups or leporacy. The world of physical manifestations of all things material and immaterial boils down to the luck of the draw.

The medical advice contain herein is heresy gleaned from MD’s, etymologists, speech pathologists, alchemists, linguists, Marlee Matlin and The Tibetan Book of The Dead. Opinions are based upon observed and empirical evidence and any resemblance to known laws of medicine are serendipitous and cause for celebration. Suggestions are to be taken at your own risk and at the discrimination of your parents, if still living. If not, then whoever is listed as the person to call in the event of an emergency should be consulted. Forewarned is four armed. No cause for alarm -that was a spoonerism.