Dead, Well Lit and Drawing a Crowd

Introduction to “Being Dead Wrong”

Hello I must be going … Groucho Marx

The day prior to finally collapsing from a long bout with lung cancer, I heard the poor Asian woman had been assured by some that she had never looked better. And why not? Bone thin, her waxen skin was tightly drawn, minimizing pores and defying gravity that should have pulled downwards.

Her complexion was that bone white, porcelain type inexplicably coveted by Asian (and multicultural) women and men perhaps dating back to bound feet and breath constricting sashes and corsets, entraping perfection and voiding signs of life. Do student embalmers study geisha girls like fine artists study the buxom, blushing women in 16th century Venetian paintings?

Is our fascination with wind fanned hair framing an almost too delicate to support a head, bare shouldered frame of a 17-year-old lipsticked model captured at half shutter speed similar to that of purveyors of exotic butterflys pinned to a canvas board? To trap something otherworldy on the cusp between coming and going — is the (paradoxical) transitioning from the fullest to the nullest that one will ever be — is that, for heavens sake, the best we can do with addressing what doing the hokey pokey is all about?

Regardless, rock and roll is here to stay and likewise, the people’s choice lineups from the sublime to the ridiculous, the DIY scrapbook of time, space and everything in-between, the biblical Wiki of everything image — here and forever after, known as Facebook, has morphed and populated into kingdom come (whatever that is) and nothing more need be done.

However, something more could be said, always, and it is from this spirit that I offer a word to those who still can: RUN.

Run away. Run for President. Dare to run over, against the grain or out all together. Do anything, just sitting there in the name of being there, being zen, being a passive puppet of mindful everything is-as-it-should-be has got us where we are and Bernie Sanders, at the very least, has been a harbinger that it’s time to get going.