Public Relations in the Music Industry

The music industry is an extremely competitive field. The world is filled with millions and millions of talented people, and we won’t even find out about half of them. A good PR team can be the difference between selling out a local bar or selling out Madison square Garden.

Doing PR for a musician is about convincing the public that this person is worth paying attention to. You create or build off an existing image that your musician has or what you think will sell. It is about making sure people remember your clients face, whether you brand it with great music and a bad boy image or girl next door with a voice like honey. It is about creating the most buzz. Every time you read an article about the latest celebrity break down or press statement, a PR team is behind that.

Atlanta publicist, Dan Beeson says “Handling publicity for a band is like guarding a bag of fleas or juggling flaming hamsters. It’s maddening, yet exhilarating.” You need PR to sell music. You need PR to go on tour. You need PR to go on TV shows, radio shows, or to partner with organizations. Public relations is the key to becoming a successful musician.

In order to succeed in Public Relations in the music field you need to work hard to make contacts, love music, be creative, communicate brilliantly, and of course deal with drama. Go to local shows, meet local artists, start a blog, go the extra mile to make connections. Working in an extremely competitive field, you have to constantly be thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas.

In Public Relations be prepared to handle anything, be energetic, strong willed, and determined and you will succeed. I believe it is safe to that you must be a people person to survive in the music industry, especially when it comes to PR.

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