No bootcamp applicants is not the same as no woman applicants.

Good morning LM,

Thanks so much for continuing this conversation and sharing your experience. I’m so sorry that happened to you, and it is an excellent example of discrimination against women in tech, particularly mothers.

I absolutely agree that the words “no women applicants” and “no bootcamp applicants” are not the same caliber of discrimination, but I would disagree that the comparison is unhelpful.

43.3% of bootcamp grads are women, 1.7% are non-binary, and 19% of grads identify as hispanic or black.

I was raised in rural Louisiana and women in STEM was kind of a joke in my high school. My counselors guided me into child development/education or the service industry, despite my love for tech. Now, at this point I have enough life experience to know I can do more, but I simply can’t afford to go get another bachelors degree. I think there are a lot of women and POC that are in similar positions and have had similar experiences.

This is why the words felt like discrimination against women and POC, because in the end, this type of elitism deeply cuts out women and POC trying to move into a prosperous industry that previously seemed unattainable.