7 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Trainer

That cost them their happiness, hard-earned money, and results.

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1Working With A Non-Experienced Trainer

– Trainers who are not certified are not required to complete continuing education. Workshops and certifications ensure trainers evolve and stay up to date with new trends in the industry.

– Non-experienced trainers cannot pull from past situations to handle challenges. They lack the experience and that is a fact. No amount of education can prepare you for what experience already has. If a client has an injury, behavior block, or falls ill, you need someone who can quickly adapt a program with certainty.

2Believing Instant Gratification Claims

– Any trainer who guarantees results is not setting realistic expectations. They more often than not end up with unsatisfied clients. Why? They have not expressed that you, the client, must put in the work outside of the training atmosphere. Finding people who are ready, willing, and able to do so are few and far between.

3Trying To Find A Friend Or A Therapist

– When a client seeks a trainer who doubles as a friend, problems arise. Lines get blurred and leadership becomes softer. The trainer tries to keep the friendship by not putting the client in an uncomfortable situation. Loss of respect and not following directions is a likely consequence. It is still a business relationship and the trainer is still your coach. You are investing in them to make you better, you’re not paying for friendship. But, that does not mean training can’t be fun too!

– Sessions are 80% talk and 20% work when clients treat their trainers like therapists and vice versa. Segmenting your time and understanding what outcome you want to achieve for each hour of your day is vital to staying on track. You can always go to a therapist if you need professional help. If you come to a training session to gossip or vent about the week you had, you’re better off saving that for your friends on the weekends. Otherwise, you’ve just wasted likely over $100.

4Thinking They Will Look Like Their Trainer If They Work With Them

– Sure, training with someone you want to look like makes sense. Whatever they’re doing must be working, I should train with them. While this may be true for understanding their recipe for success, discussing unrealistic expectations will help in the long run. You will look like the best version of YOU should you follow your trainer’s recommendations. And THAT’S still something to celebrate!

5Going With The Cheapest Trainer They Find Or Negotiating Down

– You get what you pay for. I know online trainers who charge clients less than $20 a month for services. I also know celebrity trainers who charge clients $500 an hour for in-person sessions. You’re not only paying for time. You’re paying for the trainer to be constantly learning, innovating, programming, researching, and experimenting outside of the session time to provide you with the best training possible.

– When you go to a store, let’s say Costco, to buy a flat screen TV and see the price on the label. Do you go up to the store employees and say, “Can I get a discount if I use my own cables?” “Can I take the TV home now and pay later when I can afford it?” Or if you know the maker of the product, “Hey? Can I get a friend discount?” (That one is a slap in the face to the business person and says, I know your product is worth it, but I don’t want to invest in it.) When you try to negotiate down a trainer’s rates, it shows noncommittal and a lack of respect. Rates have a purpose. People pay attention to what they pay for. Large investments usually illicit more focus, energy, time, commitment, and therefore, better results.

6Expect Results Because They Hired A Trainer

– Only you can do the work. The status that comes from having a trainer can be a perk. But what does it say when you’ve been with a trainer for 2 years and have barely seen any results or changed any habits? Your trainer isn’t responsible for the results you get. True transformation happens once you take responsibility for your own results. Obsessively focusing on what you want doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it. Hiring a trainer can increase your probability of success. Now taking massive action and executing effectively is the answer. The athletes play the game, the coaches aren’t in the game with them.

– If your trainer does the work for you, you aren’t invested. If you don’t achieve your results, it’s no longer your loss. It is the trainer’s loss if you don’t change. When you’re invested in yourself, success is a matter of time.

7Training With Someone Who Doesn’t Push Them Out Of Their Comfort Zone

– Easier isn’t better. If you push through, you will transform. You can always get your money back, but never your time. If you are never pushed by your trainer, breakthroughs cannot happen. We tend to see the most change in our lives when we go through the hardest times. Granted, likely we don’t like to relive those challenging times. However, we can agree that it was because of those tough times in our lives that we changed the most.

– If you tell your trainer you “should” lose weight, they should correct you to say you “must” lose weight. It is their job to help you discover life’s potential consequences should you not take your health seriously. Your past does not equal your future and you have every ounce of ability to make your dreams a reality.


Danielle Gray is a professional fitness model, online gymnastics coach, and Los Angeles based certified personal trainer who has modeled for brands like and whose expertise has appeared in , , and more. She coaches women to believe they are capable of amazing things they didn’t know were possible through gymnastics-based conditioning. See if you have what it takes to .

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Danielle is a fitness model, online gymnastics coach & LA based certified PT who coaches women to realize their full potential through unique conditioning.

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