A word so over used in church I am afraid we have become numb to the true meaning. Grace is more than a word, it is the reason we are saved. Not by our works, but by God’s unmerited grace.

It was not till recently I fully understood grace. I used to know that God sent Jesus to die for our sins giving us grace, but I never fully accepted grace until now. I would hold on to the idea that I was terrible for my sin, therfore not allowing grace in my life. God has forgiven that sin, but often times I dont forgive myself. I hold on to the hurt in my heart, when all this time God has been trying to give me grace, even though i rejected it.

I let guilt and shame fill my heart instead of joy and peace knowing that i am forgiven. That my friend is the beauty of Grace. Last week in a college small group this guy shared this song that i now listen to daily because it is such a beautiful reminder of grace.

I used to feel so underserving of God’s grace. I would fail him every single day. Hurting from lost friends and unhealthy relationships changed my views. For some reason i let events in my life warp the idea of grace. In my mind i thought: I screwed up so much and I was unworthy of God’s grace.

Today i stand in grace, knowing that my idea about myself was the most far thing from truth. Jesus is changing my heart. Now i wholeheartedly belive that he delights in me. He is proud of me. My sins are forgiven, forever thrown into the depths of the ocean. I am remade in the beauty of Christ.

My prayer is that we never forget the the true meaning of grace. That we can let go of our guilt, give our sins to God, and rest in the father’s unfailing love. I pray for you friend, that you allow Jesus to fill your heart with unxexplainable joy and rest in his perfect grace.