The beginning of the beginning

I apologize for my complete disappearance since my initial post. I could say that I’ve been too busy prepping and doing all sorts of amazing and productive things, but that would be a lie. Though I did finally manage to decide on a coding school, and it turned out to be none of the original schools that I applied to.

I have family (brother/sister-in-law) in Durham, NC who suggested I check to see if there were any schools in their ‘hood that I might be interested in attending. I had previously only been looking at schools in NYC, but I am so glad that I took their advice. Enter The Iron Yard — a code school founded in Greenville, SC but with a nearly brand-new campus in Durham. I applied, interviewed and was accepted within a few weeks.

Two weeks ago, I packed up my suitcase and hopped on Amtrak to begin my three month journey. Truthfully, I’m considering it a life restart. Well, perhaps not a life restart, but certainly a professional one.

School started yesterday, and although it feels a little bit strange being back inside a classroom (I even have a backpack), my entire cohort is fantastic. As is, of course, our instructor and two TAs. It’s already difficult and almost all of us have been struggling at least a little bit though everyone is readily willing to answer questions and help out whenever and wherever they can. It’s inspiring and I could not be more excited for the 12 weeks ahead.

Today, we took a dive into programming and coded our very first programs alone (albeit with a few nudges and hints along the way). Here’s my blood, sweet and tears from today. Or, more accurately, today = [“blood”, “sweat”, “tears”].

y = rand(1..100)
def run_game(random_number)
 puts "Guess a number between 1 and 100."
 answer = gets.chomp.to_i
 if answer == random_number
 puts "You guessed correctly. Go have some cake."
 elsif answer < random_number
 puts "Too low, try again."
 elsif answer > random_number
 puts "Too high, try again."

It’s not much, but I am damn proud of it. Now excuse me while I go drink some beer and stare blankly at my homework for a few hours.

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