We spent months bracing and preparing for the death of our daughter.
Royce Young

Thank you Royce for sharing you, Keri, Eva and Harrison’s story. Our stories are a lot alike in that we were told that our precious baby boy had multiple abnormalities at our 20 week gender scan. We, too, chose to carry him to full term. He wasn’t able to be a live organ donor because of the abnormalities so we decided to donate his organs to research as a way to help doctors and researchers find out why he passed away. I would love to connect with you and Keri if you’re open to it. Sometimes it helps to be able to talk with some other people who “get it.” Here’s a story that our local ABC news story did about our family this past week: http://www.wcpo.com/news/insider/how-do-you-cope-when-you-have-to-plan-for-your-babys-life-and-death-at-the-same-time?sharedToken=5d222993-d9fc-4ac3-8fa2-5b8c1adbfd7f&ref=m.facebook.com. Please email me at angelbabynetwork@gmail.com. You can also learn more about our story here: http://kicamprojects.com/shop/sure-tomorrow-comes-one-couples-journey-loss-love/. Hugs, prayers and blessings to your family! (Our photographer was through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.)

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